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Aloha! Welcome to Wailea Ekolu Village! On behalf of the owners and your rental agent, we wish you a happy stay in paradise.

To help ensure that we all enjoy our stays at Ekolu Village, we've adopted a number of house rules based on common sense and courtesy to others and we ask for your co-operation in observing them. Please contact your Rental Agent or the Homeowner's Office If you have any questions.

Pools and Spa
Lower pool hours are from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., with a quiet time between 4 and 6 p.m. Upper pool and spa hours are from 8 am. to 9 p.m. Proper swimming attire is mandatory at both pools. Anyone requiring the use of diapers, must use a proper swim diaper or protective plastic pants. These special diapers are available at the Homeowner's Office for a nominal charge.

As a courtesy to others, please shower off sand and salt water before entering the pool or Pavilion area - and, please, don't enter the pool with suntan oil, ointments, hair pins or other small objects that could clog the filtration system and result in the inconvenience of a pool shutdown.

For safety and liability reasons, a parent or other responsible adult must supervise minors in both pool areas.

For the safety and enjoyment of all owners and guests using the pool, please no excessive noise, no Marco Polo, no running, wild games or horseplay in the pool or surrounding area.

For safety purposes, young children may use small inner tubes or water wings but still must be accompanied, in the water, by an adult. Life preservers and other safety equipment are to be used ONLY in case of emergency. Use of scuba or snorkel equipment, inner-tubes, swimming fins, toys and the like in the pools is not permitted.

For personal hygiene and guest comfort, please cover lounges or chairs with towels when using suntan lotions, oils or ointments.

Glass and other breakable items present a safety hazard. They may not be used on or in the vicinity of a pool deck.

You are welcome to listen to radio, cassette tapes, or TV in the Pavilion pool and barbecue areas at poolside ONLY if you use headphones so you won't disturb others.

Use of Pool and Pavilion Furniture
Furniture for poolside use including tables, lounges and chairs are provided for use in the pool and barbecue area while dressed in swimming attire, We ask that you do not use the upholstered pavilion furniture while dressed in swimming attire.

Pool furniture and equipment are there for the convenience and comfort of all. Do not remove them from the pool area.

Use of Common Areas
Common areas, including lawns, roads, parking, pathways, stairways and landscaped spaces, have defined purposes for the enjoyment of residents. No common areas are set aside for ball games of any kind, skateboard riding, roller-blading, kite-flying or similar and related activities.

No equipment or personal belongings are to be placed or stored on common areas, including walkways.

Your lanai furniture may be used on common areas but must be returned to your lanai when not in use and, in any event, by dusk.

Banned Vehicles
For the safety and enjoyment of all at Ekolu Village, boats, trailers, motorcycles, motorbikes, buses and activity vans are not permitted on the premises.

For safety and convenience of all, bicycles may be operated only on the paved streets; not on pedestrian pathways or other common areas.

To preserve the visual beauty of Ekolu Village, no towels, bathing suits, or other objects are to be hung on lanai railings or walls, on stairways and landings, or common areas.
On your lanai, you may barbecue between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. with propane-gas-fired or electric grills - but charcoal or wood-fired grills present too great a fire hazard. Therefore, charcoal or wood fired grills may only be used in the two specially designated barbecue areas. (see below)

Barbecue Areas
One barbecue area is located at the lower pool. The other is between Buildings 20 and 22. You are encouraged to use these areas for your barbecues For parties of more than 10 people, contact the office to reserve a barbecue facility.

Garbage Removal
For your convenience, Ekolu has designated a number of areas for deposit of trash; you will find one nearby your unit. Make sure your garbage is thoroughly drained and put in paper or plastic bags to help reduce the attraction of pests!

Each trash area has special receptacles for aluminum cans, glass containers, plastic bottles and newspapers. Please use them and help in Maui's environmental programs.

We thank you for your co-operation and courtesy to others in observing the House Rules, knowing that this will enhance everyone's experience at Ekolu Village.

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